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Great Government of Alberta Core French interactive media-rich site!

The Motherlode

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The place to go when you have some time to browse…

BBC Languages – French

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I especially like the COOL FRENCH section, but not appropriate for all ages.

Windows – Alt Key Numeric Codes

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Exercises for first and Intermediate French students.

There are around 150 exercises on this site, not all of them are listed in the index.


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A fine collection of Quebec French words and expressions for those of us not so well versed!

Vocabulary Lists

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Some useful vocabulary lists in French and English

Laura’s French Language Blog

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Although the blogs are quite ad-plastered, you can find some great stuff if you’re willing to dig amongst the “1 rule of a flat stomach” nonsense. You will find things like:

  • Expression of the Week
  • Useful French
  • Verb of the Week
  • Quizzes
  • Vocabulary
  • Mot du Jour
  • Assessment Ideas
  • French Practice
  • Projects
  • Holidays and Celebrations, etc.

Learning French

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Why Learn French? The Top 4 Reasons to Learn FrenchHow to Count in French♦
Easily Confused & Misunderstood French & English Words for Travel♦ French & English False Friends, Faux Amis, & CognatesHow to Distinguish Between Masculine and Feminine Nouns in French

TES Connect

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