My name is Kim Gaiswinkler. I teach Core French from JK to Grade 8 at St. Ursula School in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

I discovered the Internet in July of 1996 and I haven’t looked back. One of my favourite things to do is Stumble. And since I have opened an account with Delicious, I bookmark everything I like for future reference, the fruits of which you will receive via this Blog.

The idea and title of my blog comes from the fact that, every time I come across something that I think is really cool, I wonder, who else knows about it. It’s all about sharing.

Sure, there are lots of web sites out there with scores of sites you might like but it takes hours to get through them and you may come up with one or two that are useful to you and then give up, leaving all those other potential gems behind.

So I have done the sorting for you. Most of these links are geared towards language learners and teachers but some are useful in many other ways.

I have included, in many cases, tutorials and lesson ideas for the online programs. Feel free to explore!


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