Listening to a language while reading along with the transcript is a great way to improve your comprehension as well as your pronunciation. The following mp3s and mp4s were created by native speakers of French and they are free for teachers and students to download. All of them are spontaneous speech – nothing was scripted or rehearsed, and some were even recorded without the speaker’s prior knowledge for an eavesdropping effect.

For the resources that have transcripts available, there are individual pages so that you can now listen and read along or do a cloze (fill-in-the-blank) exercise if you prefer to work online. Each page will open in a new tab or window. Otherwise, you can simply download the mp3s/mp4s and transcripts and/or subtitles to go along with the videos.

Authentic French with Commercials & Films

Watch & read and some gap-fill activities are available for the commercials and trailers which have videos on Youtube. Transcripts and some gap-fill activities are also available for the film clips; however, the clips are not available online so the DVDs will be necessary. Resources which include accents other than the standard French of France accent are indicated by flags.