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Lots of audio and video for FSL teachers to use in their classrooms.  There are also divisions by CEFR level.  Handy!

Les Clés de l’Actualité

A site with tools to help students better understand the news. Includes a teacher’s corner.

Excellent directory of  FSL sites/portals, produced by the team FLENET.  French language and the Internet is a research project on educational applications of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the field of French foreign language (FLE). FLENET web spaces are located in Spain at the University of León.
The directory is divided into two parts:
1. Sites / portals specifically for the FLE
2. Sites / portals for the French language and culture

Authentic Materials for Teaching Languages


Authentic materials – also known as realia – can be described as anything created for native speakers of a language. The cookies in the photo above are a good example of realia – they were made in Germany for German consumption, and they are a great source of authentic reading material (before they get eaten, that is!) for learners of German.

There are an almost limitless supply of materials available online that come directly from the target cultures of the languages we teach. These resources provide “real life” linguistic input as well as valuable cultural information for our students.

IE Languages

Listening to a language while reading along with the transcript is a great way to improve your comprehension as well as your pronunciation. The following mp3s and mp4s were created by native speakers of French and they are free for teachers and students to download. All of them are spontaneous speech – nothing was scripted or rehearsed, and some were even recorded without the speaker’s prior knowledge for an eavesdropping effect.

For the resources that have transcripts available, there are individual pages so that you can now listen and read along or do a cloze (fill-in-the-blank) exercise if you prefer to work online. Each page will open in a new tab or window. Otherwise, you can simply download the mp3s/mp4s and transcripts and/or subtitles to go along with the videos.

Authentic French with Commercials & Films

Watch & read and some gap-fill activities are available for the commercials and trailers which have videos on Youtube. Transcripts and some gap-fill activities are also available for the film clips; however, the clips are not available online so the DVDs will be necessary. Resources which include accents other than the standard French of France accent are indicated by flags.



French Language Newspapers




From weather reports to entertainment news, French language newspapers are a great source for text in the Core French classroom.  I have used them for students to locate cognates when we are discussing reading strategies. Have a look at these three to get some more ideas of your own!

Les petits citoyens

French news site for children with games, news, social issues.  Bright and colourful, appealing to students. Books can be ordered from this site on such topics as the rights of all children.  The KIDIKOI card sets ask interesting and compelling questions for discussion.  This site comes from France, so all prices are in Euros.  I have not tried to order anything but I will assume it is international.

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