Month: June 2011

Printable Board Games/Flashcards

worldOn the Hello-World website, this is a set of printable board games and flashcards in 52 vocabulary areas from sports to weather to buildings.  Give it a look!


tineye-robotI was searching for images on the web one day to place in a “music video” for a prayer service when I realized I hadn’t been saving the sources in order to cite them at the end of the video.  That’s when I discovered TinEye.  Got an image you need to find the origin of?  Simply upload it to TinEye and it will locate the images in the various sources in which it appears.  Like magic!



I love the simplicity and clean design of LIVEBINDERS for organizing online resources.  I may have to use it as another page of my blog…

LiveBinders is your 3-ring binder for the Web

  • Collect your resources
  • Organize them neatly and easily
  • Present them with pride

Best of all, it’s free!


Had my Grade 8 class write a narrative au passé composé about a trip across Canada.  They used XPressLab’s Student Presentation and I wanted a map outlining their journey.  I came across ScribbleMaps which allows students to tag all of their destinations, draw a line from place to place and save their map as a .jpg which can then be inserted into a slide like any image.  Easy to use.  Love the look. Seems the maps are only available in English.  I would like someone to prove me wrong.  Check it out!Aviary google-ca Picture 1

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